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Literate programming

When writing synonym.el, I tried doing it as a literate program. I haven't done a whole lot of literate programming yet, and I have a few issues with it.

I still see the the non-code as comments
Whereas in literate programming, the non-code should be more of a narrative that tries to explain everything.
I don't write enough of the "narrative"
And what I write feels much more like a repetition of the code than a complement of it.
I leave out doc-strings
They feel like even more repetition on top of the narrative.
The narrative falls out of sync with the code
This is the same problem that comments suffer, but it's even more confusing in a literate program.

The only two things I really like are the code folding and the ability to have all the code in one big file that the separates out into logical modules.

Posted on 02 November 2010 in literate programming programming style emacs

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