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Getting a Motivational Message on Emacs Startup

When I was learning LISP, I used slime in emacs. One of the neat little features I liked was the motivational message it showed on startup. It wasn't really that important, but it was one of those little features that when you notice, brightens your day a little. I use emacs so much, I decided why not add a feature for emacs. (This was a few months ago, when I wanted to learn dome elisp for the first time.)

So first, I created a file ~/Dropbox/wisdom.txt and on each line, I put a quote or a motivational message. Put whatever you want to see on startup in it.

Next we need to read each of the lines into a list, so I use a simple python style read-lines.

1:  (defun read-lines (file)
2:    "Return a list of lines in FILE."
3:    (with-temp-buffer
4:      (insert-file-contents file)
5:      (split-string
6:       (buffer-string) "\n" t)))

Then I load wisdom.txt into a variable named wisdom. I remove any line starting with =";;"= so that I can comment out lines if I wish to.

1:  (setq wisdom (remove-if (lambda (s) (string= (substring s 0 2) ";;"))
2:                          (read-lines "~/Dropbox/wisdom.txt")))

Next, I choose a random element from the list wisdom and show it in the minibuffer.

1:  (defun motivational-message (&rest rest)
2:    (interactive)
3:    (message (elt wisdom (random (length wisdom)))))

Then, I just override it so that it shows at startup. This intentionally goes strait to *scratch*, I use emacs so much that I prefer to go straight scratch.

1:  (defun display-startup-echo-area-message ()
2:    "If it wasn't for this you'd be GNU/Spammed by now"
3:    (motivational-message))

What do you think? Not too painful.

Posted on 31 October 2010 in emacs customizations

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