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MIT Doesn't use the Common App

I'm applying to a few colleges right now, and they all use the common app, well, except for MIT. It's very convenient, fill write once and apply anywhere. That's not entirely true, some colleges have supplements. For the most part, supplements are short and easy, but some colleges like Caltech have much longer ones with an essay and some short responses.

MIT goes on about how easy it is because they have a few short responses instead of an essay. However, unless you only apply to MIT, odds are you have to write the common app essay anyways. MIT's app requires that you reenter what APs you took, you name and a ton of other basic information that's annoying to enter, but takes more time than writing an essay.

Since, they go on about how easy it is, they're not trying to scare people away. If they were, they could do the common app and have essays that mean something as opposed to busy work. Anyways, this is just me venting cause of all the applications due next Monday.

Posted on 27 October 2010 in misc

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