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I am a freshman at WPI double-majoring in Computer Science and Robotics Engineering. In high school my passion was programming and robotics. On our schools robotics team, I switched between being the lead programmer and the only programmer for four years, in addition to being the team captain my senior year. In 2008, we made it to second place at the championship event.

In high school, I also coded a number of small projects for fun. This includes a number of games such as Tug-of-War, A Gravity Game and A Learning Twenty Questions. I also have a number of other projects on github and quite a few other projects I never made public.

I do freelancing work on interesting projects. I find tasks involving AI, Sentiment Analysis, Machine Learning, Automation of tasks both virtual and physical interesting and much more. For some examples of my work and what I find interesting look at my public projects.

Me on the web

Github: alexhenning
Linked In: Alex Henning
Google+: Alex Henning